Ferrari patented a more efficient V12 engine

Ferrari patented a more efficient V12 engine

October 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Ferrari is looking to the future with a new patented engine design that the company believes will reduce emissions while maintaining performance. The Italian brand filed documents on April 24, 2019, but the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published them only today – October 24.

A patent describes a method for incorporating two different methods of fuel combustion in an engine. One strategy is to inject a small amount of fuel just before lighting a candle. Ferrari describes the advantage of this system as increasing the air flow through the combustion chamber and creating a hotter air-fuel mixture. “Therefore, the catalytic system heats up very quickly when the engine starts, and emissions, especially significant at this stage, can be reduced,” writes Ferrari in patent documents.

This engine received a preliminary compartment, which is located above the center of the main combustion chamber, and at the same time each compartment has its own spark plug. During normal driving, part of the air-fuel mixture enters the preliminary chamber, and the spark plug ignites it. “This leads to quick combustion with a low risk of knock,” writes Ferrari.

Conversely, the spark plug in the main combustion chamber operates during start-up or under low load conditions. In this mode, the engine runs under spark injection to heat the catalytic converter.

According to a recent company report, Ferrari wants to do everything possible to keep the V12 engine in its lineup. The images of the patent specifically demonstrate a 12-cylinder power unit. This suggests that the idea in the description of the company is one of the options for creating a more efficient version of this powerful power plant.