Ferrari is not going to release a budget model

Ferrari is not going to release a budget model

September 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Ferrari customers need exclusive hypercars and crossovers, not an affordable sports car with a V6 engine

Instead of reviving the Dino model as the most affordable car in the Ferrari lineup, Italians will focus on producing a sports crossover.

Sergio Marchionne once declared that Ferrari will never produce a crossover, as this is contrary to the spirit of the brand, and promised to make a budget sports car as the ideological heir to the famous Dino model. It was assumed that the youngest car in the lineup of the brand will receive an Alfa Romeo V6 engine and will cost no more than $ 150 thousand to successfully compete with the German mid-engine Porsche 718 sports cars. However, Ferrari vice president of sales and marketing Enrico Gallera told Autocar that in the current development plan of the company there are no budget models.

According to him, Ferrari just does not need such a car, although it is still not worth talking about the complete cancellation of the project – it was rather postponed, so to speak, until better times. The fact is that instead of a relatively affordable supercar that would theoretically help Ferrari to attract new customers, Maranello decided to put all their efforts into producing a more promising crossover from a commercial point of view. The first all-terrain Ferrari, known as the Purosangue, should enter the market in 2022, and besides it, asserts Gallera, customers are interested in unique hypercars, not budget models with a V6.