Ferrari introduced a new way of painting supercars

Ferrari introduced a new way of painting supercars

August 1, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company Ferrari was the first automaker to introduce the color of low-temperature drying. Low Cure technology is developed by the chemical giant PPG.

Technology involves painting the car in two layers – with paint and clear varnish. Usually this method is used only for metallic enamels. A special formulation of the varnish allows polymerization of the coating at a temperature of only 100 degrees against 150 degrees with conventional technology.

The main secret of Low Cure technology is a new hardener. It increases the mechanical strength of the coating, increases adhesion between layers and creates a hydrophobic effect.

In addition, the new technology allows you to paint the metal body together with carbon fiber parts. Usually they have to be painted separately, which gives slight differences in tone between different body parts.

Now Ferrari offers 61 options for painting the body with a glossy or matte lacquer.