Ferrari hybrid supercar prototype shows impressive acceleration

Ferrari hybrid supercar prototype shows impressive acceleration

May 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

An unsuspecting motorcyclist accidentally saw an electrified Italian supercar in traffic and decided to follow him. The new Ferrari will debut on May 31 with a hybrid installation offering a combined power of 986 horsepower.

It’s safe to say that the test team of the Italian brand Ferrari is not very lucky with the prototype of the new hybrid supercar. No luck in the sense that this car can not be tested in an atmosphere of complete secrecy. Just a few days ago, two people who were in the Ferrari 488 Spider not only noticed the prototype of the long-awaited novelty, but also decided to pursue it a bit. The photos show another hybrid car company LaFerrari.

Now, lucky unsuspecting motorcyclist, who from his next trip brought very interesting shots. They captured a heavily disguised prototype of a new Ferrari model.

It is reported that the car was seen on a rather picturesque roads of the city of Maranello, in which the headquarters of the company Ferrari. While the video does not allow us to judge the appearance of the supercar, we can observe its impressive dynamic performance. The prototype was accelerated several times to overtake the cars in front. To get a vague idea of ​​the speed of the prototype, you can look at the motorcycle speedometer.

Due to the annoying wind noise, it is impossible to enjoy the powerful roar of the engine – presumably, the novelty will receive a V8 engine as the basis. I must say that the motorcyclist, shooting the race with the Ferrari model on the camera, mounted on his helmet, copes with the race. For most of the entire video, we see the back of the supercar, but towards the end of the video (5:05), we can catch a glimpse of the front of the car.