Ferrari has patented a new engine with a turbogenerator and compressor

Ferrari has patented a new engine with a turbogenerator and compressor

July 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In the European patent office, a new record on the registration of new intellectual property by Ferrari has been added. The manufacturer came up with a unique motor, equipped with a turbine generator in the exhaust manifold, and a compressor with an electric drive at the inlet. And the motor is four-cylinder.

Ferrari has patented a new four-cylinder turbo. And experts are extremely surprised attypical solutions for the premium brand. What’s unusual? – At least four cylinders, given that the company such motors have not been used since the 1950s sports cars. In addition, a turbocharger with an electric drive is used, and a generator for charging a battery with a turbine drive in the exhaust manifold.

According to published information, it became known that the energy stored by the generator is used to power the power motor, as well as drive the compressor. And if modern Mercedes and Audi engines electrically run in tandem with a traditional turbo, the patented Ferrari motor manages only one electric compressor.

According to preliminary information, the use of a fully electric drive of the compressor will avoid turbo. In addition, the turbine in the release has a dual application – by adjusting the intensity of the generator you can change the sound of exhaust in the widest range.

Unfortunately, it’s completely unclear whether the new engine will be used in production cars, and whether the engine will be designed for Ferrari models, or will be used by other companies. Also experts are not sure whether the shown unit is already a prototype, or just a concept. It is possible that the unusual engine in Maranello was designed for companies Alfa Romeo or Maserati.