Ferrari has introduced a new design Formula 1 car

Ferrari has introduced a new design Formula 1 car

October 5, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Before the start of the racing holidays in Japan, the Ferrari sports team presented a new look for their Formula 1 car. The color remained the same, but there were some changes in the logo and details.

Corporate red did not touch, but on the engine case, side pontoons, and on the rear and front wings now flaunts the white Mission Winnow logo, which is another Philip Morris International project – one of the main sponsors of the Scuderia.

A very extravagant action, given that for a long time the anti-tobacco lobby literally forced to cover up all traces of connection with Marlboro. Surely tobacco brands are once again claiming the place of Formula 1 distributors?

Here the most interesting begins: Philip Morris International loomed again on Ferrari’s cars, but not with tobacco products, but with a new promising device – IQOS, since the legal documents of most countries of the world regulate a more loyal attitude to IQOS than to traditional cigarettes.

IQOS – a gadget for heating tobacco. The concept of the device is such that instead of setting fire to tobacco, it is heated to a maximum of 350 degrees. At the same time, the consumer acquires the whole range of sensations that he is used to getting from smoking. But at the same time, the amount of harmful substances decreases by an order of magnitude in comparison with cigarettes. At the same time, other accompanying smoking phenomena, such as smoke, ash, and smell, also disappear.

A new large-scale initiative called Mission Winnow is aimed at the development and innovation and technology.
As explained by the Vice President of Philip Morris Ricardo Parino – the logo is in no way associated with tobacco products, since the advertising of brands of tobacco companies was banned in Formula 1 more than ten years ago. The fact is that the company’s policy is aimed at qualitative changes and transition to actions that promote the graduation of all initiatives.

“It is important for us to stay with Ferrari – this team marks a passion and a constant striving forward, which is the basis of our future.” – commented on the vice-president of Philip Morris Ricardo Parino.

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