Ferrari electric supercar sweeps competition

Ferrari electric supercar sweeps competition

May 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Ferrari will equip its electric supercar with revolutionary new technology.

Extensive electrification has allowed Ferrari to build its most powerful road car. Combining a 4.0-liter V8 with two turbines and three electric motors, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale produces an impressive 986 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque. But the Italian automaker has not yet released a fully electric supercar to compete with the Porsche Taycan and Pininfarina Battista.

This will change in the future. Recent patent applications have shown Ferrari’s intention to build a four-seater four-engine electric supercar, but it won’t be on the assembly line until at least 2025, until current EV technology, according to Ferrari Commercial Director Enrico Galliera, “does not meet Ferrari’s needs.” Despite such a long wait, the company is confident that the electric supercar will sweep away the competition when it finally appears on the market. According to Galliera, Ferrari will not rush to develop its revolutionary EV in response to competition.

“There are some competitors entering the market with new technologies that we will look at, but will this be a problem for Ferrari? I think not, because of the specific Ferrari niche. And will it cause interest in this market for Ferrari? No. We strongly believe that battery technology is not yet sufficiently developed to meet the needs of a supercar. In the next five years, we do not believe that technology can meet the needs of Ferrari, ”Galliera explained.

While the commercial director does not exclude the electric Ferrari, he wants the supercar to use cutting-edge new technologies to help it stand out from the competition. The 750-horsepower Porsche Taycan Turbo S already has amazing performance, so imagine what the electric Ferrari will be capable of.

Thanks to the hybrid SF90, Ferrari buyers are just starting to master electrification. “We have clients who like to use EV mode early in the morning to quietly leave the house and then use the engine and hear the Ferrari sound on the road,” Gallier said

Although we have no doubt that the electric Ferrari will provide amazing performance, how it will sound is a mystery. Replacing the sweet-sounding branded V8 and V12 on an electric car will not be easy, but Ferrari is determined to find a solution and is working hard in this direction. “But when the time comes for Ferrari, he will have the answer – and I promise you that it will be an elegant answer.”