Ferrari disqualify from Purosangu

Ferrari disqualify from Purosangu

February 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The fact that Ferrari is working on its first crossover called the Purosangue, that is, the Thoroughbred, became known back in 2018. Then the Italians unveiled their business plan for the next four years.

Ferrari is preparing to offer customers its first crossover, which the developers themselves call something more than a regular SUV. The future novelty immediately had a name – “Purosangue” (“purebred / purebred”), which perfectly suited the brand concept. However, a problem arose – the name Purosangue is already taken. According to the Financial Times, today the Italian automaker is suing the Purosangue fund. This is an anti-doping group created back in 2011. The position of Ferrari is this: this organization at one time did not properly commercialize its name to make it exclusive. This company also actively collaborates with Adidas in the production of clothing.

 The fund contacted Ferrari for negotiations. As a result, the application for a trademark in Europe had to be blocked, and the ministers of Themis should be involved in the consideration of the issue. The trial should take place on March 5th.

 The position of the second side is also understandable. They do not want to give up their identity at all, Ferrari, in their opinion, should check this moment. In any case, Ferrari has experience in asserting its rights in court.