Ferrari designer presented a sketch of a modern version of the Ferrari F40

Ferrari designer presented a sketch of a modern version of the Ferrari F40

November 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Former Ferrari designer Frank Stevenson has decided to present a modern version of the iconic Ferrari F40 supercar. He published a video in which he talks in detail about what he changed in the exterior of the legendary car and why.

Few cars are as legendary as the Ferrari F40. It was the last car built by Enzo Ferrari himself, the founder of the Italian brand, and set the standard for supercars at the time. Even today, 30 years after its introduction, it is a stunning machine to be admired. However, it definitely has some outdated design elements.

In the video posted, famed automotive designer Frank Stevenson, who is also a former Ferrari designer, talks about the exterior features of the 2021 F40.

In the first third of the video, Stevenson discusses the design of the “new” F40, highlights elements he likes and points out what else he would like to change.

He was not a fan of the F40 front end, noting that Ferrari never had a unique grille. This is one of the many changes he has made to his “reimagining” of the supercar, giving it a mocking, Joker-like front end. Stephenson’s F40 has a sharpened front end with corners recessed back to the wheel as the car already has significant front overhang.

The original F40 had a pair of air vents on the bonnet, now there is one hefty air duct that starts from the Ferrari badge on the leading edge of the car. The doors are adorned with curved glass above the gullwing-shaped roof. The large air intake behind the doors is now two separate elements, although the most noticeable change is the side mirrors “hanging” from the top of the A-pillar. Also noticeable is the transparent C-pillar, which is the Lexan engine cover.

The double wing at the rear seems decorative. Placing the smaller wing under the larger wing that still runs between the wings helps to increase downforce. The car became similar to the Ferrari 1987 F1 race car, which had a design with two “wigs”.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that drag racing, in which a hybrid McLaren P1 and a petrol Ferrari F40 participated. A video showing the race between the McLaren P1 hybrid supercar and the Ferrari F40 with a traditional turbocharged internal combustion engine has appeared on the foreign Youtube channel Lovecars.