Ferrari brought the mysterious Ferrari GTC4Lusso to tests

Ferrari brought the mysterious Ferrari GTC4Lusso to tests

January 28, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The rear of a mule seen on Ferrari’s signature test track was being pulled strongly to the ground.

There are many mysteries in the new spy video from the Ferrari Fiorano test track. At first glance, people familiar with Ferrari products will simply see the silver GTC4Lusso, until that look falls to the right side, where a black and blue tape is glued to the top of the door and runs to the roof sensor.

However, if the gaze lingers a little longer, then you will notice that something is wrong here. The back of the GTC4Lusso practically scratches the ground: it is clearly loaded with something heavy. He enters Fiorano, stops briefly, and continues to wind very slowly on an empty stretch of highway. The test driver wears a helmet, even though the speed is too slow, but with such a heavy load on board, safety must come first.

The likely answer to at least part of this mystery is the Ferrari Purosangue, the upcoming SUV from the Italian brand. The Purosangue is rumored to be basically a taller version of the GTC4Lusso, so this could very well be a test of its suspension at maximum load. As for the electronics on the roof, it can transmit data in real time to some remote location.

Everyone knows that this is definitely a test of the new GTC4Lusso. Last August, Ferrari confirmed that production of the V12 and twin-turbo V8 GTC4Lusso T is ending. The discontinuation of the GTC4Lusso as a practical Ferrari with rear seats and decent luggage space suggests that the Purosangue is indeed being developed as a new family Ferrari.