Ferrari 1975 fought in the race with a modern model

Ferrari 1975 fought in the race with a modern model

January 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Quite an interesting event was the recent competitive race between two Ferrari models of different release years – 1975 and 2017.

The race was attended by two cars, which in different years were the pilots of the team.

The 1975 model 312T car weighed only 575 kilograms with a tank capacity of 200 liters. Its acceleration time to 100 km / h was 2.3 seconds. As a power plant on it was used twelve-cylinder engine with a capacity of 495 hp, with a number of revolutions per minute equal to 12200 rpm per minute.

The type of installed transmission – 5-speed manual.

The car produced in 2017 is much more perfect and made from modern materials. The total weight of this car is 728 kg. The working volume of the power plant is 1000 cm. Cube, with the number of revolutions per minute in the amount of 15,000, and 105 liters of fuel are placed in the fuel tank.

In the very same race ahead immediately broke a more modern car, due to its speed qualities. The car of 1975, in which Niki Lauda became the champion of the season, came second with a big lag.