Fernando Alonso I keep in touch with Formula 1

Fernando Alonso I keep in touch with Formula 1

February 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On Wednesday in the McLaren announced the extension of the contract with Fernando Alonso and confirmed that the Spaniard will sit behind the wheel of a Formula 1 during the tests, without specifying specific dates. Fernando himself said that he continues to monitor the situation in the championship to be able to return.

“At 37, I feel stronger than ever, physically and mentally,” says Fernando Alonso Racefans. – I have more experience playing in different series, I use different racing styles and I feel competitive driving any car. I will continue to compete for a few more years, choosing races that may have an impact on my career.

If once in Formula 1, a situation arises, when I can compete at a competitive level and win, I will not sit at home. I need to be aware of what is happening and keep in touch with Formula 1. I am experiencing the best period of my career, I hope to win as many races as possible and continue to participate in the life of Formula 1. “


On Sky Sports, Fernando answered the question about the possibility of returning in 2020: “Now I don’t think about it. Work on the current machine began in May or June last year, when we identified the weaknesses of the MCL33 and tried to change the approach to the development of some components of the machine. The first results of this work we see on the tests, and McLaren can still add. Future? Who knows”.

The head of McLaren Zach Brown confirmed that this year Alonso will sit behind the wheel of a Formula 1: “We have not yet decided when Fernando will sit behind the wheel of the current car, but he definitely will take part in the tests. The team is on the road to recovery, and I’m trying to collect the best talents from us, so Fernando is an important part of this puzzle.

The tests are quite good, and many of the ideas implemented in the new car were the result of the feedback Fernando gave us last year. ”