Fernando Alonso decided to restore his old card

Fernando Alonso decided to restore his old card

February 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Since this year Fernando Alonso has no contractual obligations, and even with the Indy 500 race there is no clarity, he has a lot of free time.

But the two-time world champion has a lot to do, so now he can deal more with his sports complex, which is near his hometown of Oviedo – it includes the Alonso Museum of Sports Glory, a kart track, which runs a go-kart school, and even a golf course.

According to Fernando himself, he enjoys everything related to karting the most, and now he has found a new occupation for himself. In his youth, speaking in karting, Alonso repeatedly won the championship of Spain, won other competitions, became vice-champion of Europe, after which he moved to the formula race. In 1999, already speaking at Euro Open by Nissan, he continued to go to the start of kart racing in the most powerful class, which was then called Formula A.

And now Fernando decided to restore the old map on his own, on which he chased more than twenty years ago, acquired all the necessary details and enthusiastically got down to business.

“I’m going to completely restore the cards with such an engine, which at one time used a category called Formula A,” the Spaniard said on social networks. – This motor was released in 1999, it was the last season when I spoke in karting. Such engines were not reliable, but it was very fun to drive them, because they could spin up to very high revolutions.

Now I will be interested in the restoration of such a machine and will talk about how things are going. Let’s see what I get in the end. ”