February 18 – Enzo Ferrari’s birthday

February 18 – Enzo Ferrari’s birthday

February 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

February 18 in Maranello celebrate the 121st anniversary of Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the legendary brand and renowned racing team, but this is an important day for the whole of Italy.

Whether it was the creation of serial sports cars or unique racing cars, the great Commendatore has always been distinguished by its own vision and desire to achieve the perfect result, and this passion is shared and shared by all who work in Ferrari.

In honor of the birthday of Enzo Ferrari, the press service of Scuderia showed an interesting video based on one of the old interviews where he talks about the ideology of his company.

“The car for me is like a child, because if you think about it, your child is a continuation of you,” said the Commendatore. “You lead him to school, and when he does well in school, you feel a sense of pride.”

The same can be said about the designer, when he creates a living piece of engineering art from metal and strives for harmony of sound. I remember once maestro Gerber von Karajan told me: “When I hear the sound of your 12-cylinder engine, it reveals harmony that no conductor can reproduce”.

Of course, you must first imagine the car in your imagination, then you ask your employees if it is possible to make this dream a reality? Can they perceive what a person dreams in his quest for success?

I think, in part, our success is explained by the fact that we use the most modern equipment to achieve exceptional accuracy in the manufacture of parts. Works with specific units are done manually, and also in those cases when it is necessary to achieve the necessary lines or forms — this cannot be called mass-produced automobile production.

I believe that the races were and remain an inexhaustible source of innovation and progress, because what you achieve by creating racing engines can be quickly and easily transferred to the limited edition production of cars.

Our cars are special. I do not want to say that they will always be the best, but they will always be different. Why? Because the intellect of their creators is embodied in them. ”