FCA will talk about its work

FCA will talk about its work

September 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

FCA Group launches a series of documentaries on the work of designers and engineers involved in the creation of brand cars.

The What’s Behind project is a series of vivid documentaries about the complex work of designers and engineers working with FCA cars. Thousands of specialists are doing a great job constantly improving automobile systems and devices in all weather conditions, the press release said.

Tests of new cars are carried out in different parts of the world. Structural validation of a test project is a key element of active security. Ideally, the test should be carried out in conditions of extreme temperature variation – from −40 to +40 degrees Celsius.

 The first What’s Behind episodes are about test areas. The viewer is transported to the world of northern Sweden and the South African desert.

Arieplog is the northern part of Sweden, where the FCA training ground is located. When temperatures drop to −40 degrees Celsius, safety becomes a top priority. Such weather conditions allow specialists to adjust the air conditioning systems, defrosting and blowing glass. In addition, the icy terrain is a low adhesion surface. It is used to adjust the suspension, tire test, brake system, control systems, traction and differential. All this should work perfectly even in the most difficult situations, otherwise the car is sent for revision.

Upington is located in northern South Africa on the edge of the Kalahari Desert. Upington is one of the hottest spots in all of South Africa. Such conditions are optimal for assessing the effect of temperature changes, dust and dryness on a car. Experts record all changes in the engine, security system and air conditioning in the conditions of +40 degrees Celsius. In this part of South Africa, the climate is truly merciless, which allows for continuous debugging of all vehicle systems.

After talking about places where history is written every day and the future of the FCA Group is created, What’s Behind will take a look at important automotive topics. In the project, the creation of materials about engines, new technologies, aerodynamics.