FCA will be engaged in the development of technologies in the field of electric transport

FCA will be engaged in the development of technologies in the field of electric transport

October 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

FCA and Terna have begun work on the “Charge the car from the network” technology (V2G).

Soon, a laboratory center will open in Turin, which will develop and test the technology “Charging the car from the network” (V2G). New technology will allow the electric vehicle to receive a charge through an intelligent power transmission system. At the same time, it is especially important to create a flexible and stable network for uninterrupted energy production.

    Also in the center will open an experimental demo park of electric vehicles connected to V2G technology. They are planning to build a demo park on the territory of the FCA Mirafiori industrial complex.

One of the important tasks that engineers have to solve is the optimization of power surges at certain hours. Such a problem is predicted due to mass charging of electric vehicles in the evening or at weekends. Network designers will try to make the “smart control” independently decide on the duration of charging, charging location, etc. In addition, the electric vehicle’s power will help to stabilize the power system, as well as reduce the total cost of ownership of the vehicle.

    “By signing this agreement, Terna confirms the key role of innovation and technology in the success of the new energy industry. Collaboration with such a brilliant partner as FCA will allow us to share specific knowledge, develop solutions that are necessary to create a sustainable and secure energy network, ”said Luigi Ferraris, CEO of Terna.

“The agreement with Terna is one of a series of projects launched by FCA to develop electric mobility. V2G technology is an opportunity to optimize costs. It’s also a genuine tool for the sustainable development of the company, ”said Pietro Gorlier, FCA Chief Operating Officer for EMEA.

Note that the Terna Group is a leading electricity network operator, which manages the Italian high voltage distribution network with a length of more than 74 thousand km. The role of Terna is to guarantee the safe and efficient operation of the national power grid and equal conditions for all market participants. Terna is in the process of developing technologies that will allow it to obtain energy from renewable sources.