FCA recalls more than 160 thousand pickups due to floor mats

FCA recalls more than 160 thousand pickups due to floor mats

August 31, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

FCA will be running a recall campaign that will affect 160,229 2019 and 2020 Ram 1500 pickups due to the possibility that all-season floor mats may interfere with the accelerator pedal. The automaker advises owners to take their car to a dealership as soon as possible, and before that, remove the floor mats from the car.

FCA has recalled 160,229 2019 and 2020 Ram 1500s in the US because an all-season mat may interfere with accelerator pedal function. The automaker said the adjustable pedals can be positioned so that there is too little clearance between the rugs and the pedals, which could cause them to touch. Ram 1500 pickups in Canada and Mexico will also be affected by the recall.

Representatives of the FCA concern state that they are not aware of any injuries or accidents caused by the indicated defect, and noted that only 1% of recalled cars may have this problem. The recall was issued following an investigation following a customer complaint that the mat interferes with pedal function.

“The floor mat has fins. The pedals are adjustable. When the pedal is set in certain positions, interference with some rugs may occur, ”the automaker said.

The recall will also apply to 43,148 all season rugs sold as options in the aftermarket. FCA advises owners of vehicles with all-season floor mats to take them to a dealer for modification and remove the floor mats from the vehicle.

FCA is not the only automaker to recall a vehicle because floor mats interfere with accelerator pedal operation. Back in 2009, Toyota recalled a total of 3.8 million vehicles because the mat could get in the way and cause the accelerator pedal to get stuck in the depressed position.