Faraday Future is looking for investors, or will be bankrupt

Faraday Future is looking for investors, or will be bankrupt

November 7, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The US-China company Faraday Future boasts a fairly diverse history, despite the fact that it does not yet have a single production car. This time, she again has to look for investors, or will be declared bankrupt.

After Faraday Future left co-founder Nick Sampson, the company has to consider a variety of options for finding investors. Reuters has published a statement by Faraday, which says that the company is now open to investment from anywhere in the world.

Unfortunately, FF has little chance of finding a person or company that agrees to invest money. The fact is that now the manufacturer is experiencing big problems, after the scandal with the main investor Evergrande Health Industry.

While the situation is not clear. In the Faraday Future they say that the Chinese giant is trying to blackmail the remaining payments on the contract in exchange for 45% of the shares, and does so to control the company and gain access to intellectual property. Other sources report that the first tranche has already been spent, and most of it has been withdrawn to offshore accounts through intermediary firms.

Just last week, the future of Faraday Future got an extra chance. The Hong Kong Arbitration Court ruled that it could seek investments from sources other than Evergrande Health.