Famous drifter Ken Block stops working with Ford

Famous drifter Ken Block stops working with Ford

January 9, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Renowned rally racer and drifter Ken Block announced in his Facebook video message that his 11-year partnership with the American company Ford is coming to an end. There are a few hints as to who will be the rider’s new partner.

2021 will be a wide open for rally driver and drift guru Ken Block. After 11 years of driving a host of powerful blue oval cars – including arguably the craziest Ford Mustang ever built – the official relationship between Block and Ford has come to an end.

In a press release, Hoonigan Racing announced that Block is now a “free rider” from January 2021. Details of the breakup are not known, although Blok says it was a friendly decision. However, it looks like Block will have to part with his 1965 fire-breathing Mustang Hoonicorn. It should be pretty disappointing, although in the video the racer posted on Facebook, this monstrous car is still in his garage along with several other famous cars that were spotted in videos of the Gymkhana series.

“Working with Ford over the past decade has been amazing,” Block said.

“From racing around the world to collecting half a billion views of our Gymkhana YouTube video series, to creating the Emmy-nominated series The Gymkhana Files for Amazon Prime — along with crafting insane Ford vehicles including the iconic AWD Mustang Hoonicorn and F-150 Hoonitruck — it was great partnership. “

While the future of the racer is behind the wheel of iconic Ford cars like the Hoonicorn and Hoonitruck, it’s unclear, it looks like Block is keen to get behind the wheel of new cars. Block fans will remember that before Ford signed him to a contract, Block piloted Subaru vehicles both in the rally and in the first two videos of Gymkhana. In fact, in his Facebook video, the WRX STI from Gymkhana 2 is clearly visible in the background. Recently, he mentioned that he would announce his 2021 plans “pretty soon.” Just a coincidence, or is this not a subtle hint of a return to Subaru?

Not so long ago,AutoTimesNews wrote that Ken Block’s Hoonitruck replica is as wild as the original pickup. Racer Ken Block, who loves to drive in controlled drifts on very powerful cars, has already become a very famous person. Some time ago, a video was published in which he drove around in a modernized American Ford F-150 pickup from 1977. The car, named “Hoonitruck”, is equipped with a powerful 900-horsepower engine.