Family of triple champion of Formula 1 will produce supercars

Family of triple champion of Formula 1 will produce supercars

February 19, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

On Monday, February 19, officially announced the appearance of the automotive company Brabham Automotive. It belongs to David Brabham, the son of three-time champion of Formula 1 of Sir Jack Brabham.

Information about what exactly the company will deal with, yet. A year ago, information appeared that Brabham would start producing supercars, developed with the support of investors from the United States. Promoted cars were planned with the help of Formula-1 – just as McLaren does. To do this, Brabham even wanted to buy a team of Force India, but how successful negotiations were, it is not known.

In Formula 1, the Brabham team appeared in 1960, surviving in the championship until 1992, when due to lack of finance it was closed. During this time the team took part in the 402 Grand Prix and twice won the Cup of designers. The team’s pilots four times became champions of Formula-1. On bolides Brabham was won 35 wins.

In 2013, the trial ended, after which David Brabham returned the right to use the brand Brabham for commercial purposes. A year later he began to raise funds for the creation of a sports prototype for the “24 Hours of Le Mans”, but it did not work out to start on his own car.