Fair Oaks Motors unveils Dodge Challenger Hellcat convertible

Fair Oaks Motors unveils Dodge Challenger Hellcat convertible

September 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Tuning company Fair Oaks Motors has unveiled the powerful Dodge Challenger coupe in a convertible body. The entire range of upgrades was estimated at $ 20,950

The Dodge Challenger has been produced virtually unchanged for over ten years. This legendary sports car has never been mass-produced as a convertible. We did see Dodge Challenger convertibles from time to time, but they were all from third-party tuners. It is about such a project from the Fair Oaks Motors team that today’s article will be discussed. This convertible costs $ 95,000.

Before we ask if the new Challenger is worth six figures, consider that the new Hellcat already starts at $ 60,000.

Dodge Challenger Hellcat will top $ 74,045

Details of the conversion to a convertible are not mentioned, but it is not easy to install an electric folding soft top on a vehicle not designed for this purpose. The total cost of all the upgrades is $ 20,950, but we have to admit that the Challenger looks good without a fixed roof. And for those who shudder at the sheer power of the Hellcat in a roofless, one-piece, Challenger body, the redesign includes both front and rear strut brace braces and subframe connectors underneath. It is not known if this spacer is sufficient to compensate for the structural loss of the roof, but it is certainly needed to improve structural strength.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that the sports coupe Dodge Challenger from the NAP studio. The European tuner NAP has presented a tuning kit for the American muscle car Dodge Challenger. The car received only a number of visual changes, in technical terms, it’s still the same car.