Failed race for Haas F1

Failed race for Haas F1

April 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The unsuccessful race in Bahrain for the Haas F1. Having started the sixth, Kevin Magnussen finished only 13th, and Roman Grosjean withdrew.

Günter Steiner, team leader: “The race was disappointing, not least because Roman Grosjean was knocked out of the track on the first lap after a great start.

Today we were not fast enough to earn points. We need to find the cause of the loss of speed, because yesterday we successfully performed in the qualification. Ahead of two days of tests on this route, we will try to understand the reasons, so that in two weeks in China we will continue to fight in better shape. ”

Kevin Magnussen (13th): “I don’t know what happened. After Friday’s training, we were not very optimistic about our racing pace, but I was sure that the changes we made would allow us to add. But no. It’s amazing how after yesterday’s qualification, where I was “the best of the rest,” showing the sixth time, we were completely lost in the race.

We need to understand why we are seriously inferior in the race, successfully speaking in the qualification. We have to work with this. ”

Roman Grosjean (descent): “At the start, someone crashed into my car, she seriously suffered and as a result I could not continue the fight. There is always a certain risk when you start from a worse position than you expected. I had to start the race eighth, but what happened happened.

On the tests that start on Tuesday, we will try to find the cause of today’s loss of speed. Unfortunately, while the car behaves differently than we expected. ”