Factory Five Racing F9R: new supercar with a 9.5-liter engine

Factory Five Racing F9R: new supercar with a 9.5-liter engine

December 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The American small company “rolled out” a new supercar. The model received a huge engine, 765 “horses” and 940 Nm. This is one of the few track sports cars with access to common roads.

An American company, but rather a tuning studio, Factory Five Racing introduced its new model. The project has long been under development and finally got the final look. The supercar in a classic coupe will be equipped with a modern 9.5-liter engine. As a basis, most likely, a spatial frame with a body made of carbon fiber will be used.

The first living specimen should appear in the first quarter of next year. The design of the Factory Five Racing F9R will be aggressive without modern elegance. Under the hood, a V12 engine from Race Cast Engineering will be installed, capable of developing up to 765 horsepower and 940 Nm of torque. Turbocharging will not be. Moreover, the weight of the unit is 265 kg with a cast-iron block, and only 191 kg in the alloy version.

 In addition, the car is being developed with the possibility of installing other engines from Ford and GM. The transmission is still unknown. It is possible that a six-speed preselective gearbox will be used.

Unfortunately, more details could not be obtained. In all likelihood, the project is in the process of finalizing the design and solutions as it is built.