Fabio Cuartararo won the Portuguese MotoGP Grand Prix, Marquez 7th in first race since return

Fabio Cuartararo won the Portuguese MotoGP Grand Prix, Marquez 7th in first race since return

April 19, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

This victory was the second in a row for the Frenchman and allowed him to become the leader of the overall standings.

On Sunday, April 18, the third stage in the MotoGP motorcycle class took place. Frenchman Fabio Cuartararo left pole position, followed by Alex Rins and overall leader Joanne Zarco. Six-time world champion Marc Marquez returned from missing last season and qualified in a good sixth place. The reigning world champion Joan Mir started 9th, and Valentino Rossi was unable to rise above 17th in qualifying.

Cuartararo failed to start – he fell from 1st to 6th place. Zarko took the lead, followed by Rins and Mir, who won 6 seats at once. The fans were also pleased with Marquez, who came out on the 4th place. By lap 4, Rince had passed Zarko, while Cuartararo had broken through to 3rd place. But Marquez began to fall into the depths and completed the circle only 9th. On the 9th lap of the distance, Cuartararo took the lead in the race.

On this segment, Francesco Bagnaya walked well on the distance, who came out on the 7th place. We also note Rossi – the legendary Italian was able to reach 12th place and lagged behind the leader by only 6 seconds. However, on lap 15, the Italian could not hold the bike and got off. At this time, Rince was very tightly pressing Cuartararo in the fight for the first place.

On lap 19, Rince got into an accident, and the fight for victory was practically over – Cuartararo’s lead from Zarco was more than 4 seconds.

At this time, Banyaya had already reached the 3rd position. Around later, the leader of the championship Zarko descended and the three leaders Cuartararo-Bagnaya-Mir reached the finish line in their places. Among other results of the race, we note the 7th place of Marc Marquez – quite good for the first race, but the next stage will be more indicative.

Maverick Viñales performed very weakly, who came 11th and could not have scored points at all, if not for the gatherings of the leaders. After three stages, the overall standings with 61 points are led by Fabio Cuartararo, the second is Francesco Bagnaya with 46 points, and Maveric Viñales is the third with 41 points. The next stage will take place in Spain on May 2.