Fabio Cuartararo won the Doha Grand Prix, Rossi had no points

Fabio Cuartararo won the Doha Grand Prix, Rossi had no points

April 5, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The second stage of the season presented a bright and exciting fight from the first to the last lap

On Sunday, April 4, the second stage of the season in the MotoGP motorcycle class took place. The victory was won by the Frenchman Fabio Cuartararo, who plays for the Yamaha team. The Frenchman started from the fifth position, but the start of the race was not very successful for him – by the 4th lap Fabio was only ninth. In the first laps, the main struggle unfolded between the trio – the debutant of the season and the pole holder Jorge Martin was in the lead, and he was closely pursued by Joanne Zarco and Alex Rins.

The race started well for the Portuguese Miguel Oliveira, who broke from 12th to 5th position. However, he could not keep the pace and finished the race only in 15th place. For almost the entire race, Martin held back Zarco, and Rins dropped out of the top three, losing the position of Francesco Bagnaya, who pleasantly surprised in the first race.

Cuartararo began his breakthrough upward on lap 12, and already on lap 18 led the protocol. A little later, Zarko overtook Martin and finished the race in second place. The debutant became the third. After two stages, Zarko leads the championship with 40 points. They were followed by Cuartararo and Maveric Viñales, who won the first stage of the season. In Doha, Viñales finished in 5th place.

Let’s note the very unsuccessful race of the legendary Italian Valentino Rossi.

In the first Grand Prix of the season, Rossi showed 4 results in qualifying, which made him believe in finding a second youth. However, in Doha, Valentino qualified only 21, and in the race above the 16th place he could not climb and did not score points.

Recall that the next stage plans to enter the six-time world champion Spaniard Marc Marquez. Despite suffering an injury and missing two races, he is still considered the top contender for the title. For this reason, pilots who have managed to make a small reserve will find these glasses very useful.

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