F-1 motorists will share technology with new entrants

F-1 motorists will share technology with new entrants

December 15, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Ross Brown in an interview published on the website of the championship said that the new regulations will oblige Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault and Honda to share the groundwork in the field of engines with new automakers.

Sports Director F-1 says that current suppliers of newcomer engines do not like it. Therefore, management is preparing rules by which they can get support. In particular, the “oldies” will be obliged to share the components and part of the technology if there is a corresponding request.

That is, if someone shows a serious interest from a third-party manufacturer or supplier, the current minders will work together to find an opportunity for this participant to be in the championship.

Brown: ‚ÄúThis step is in the right direction. But such changes are not the most radical of those that we are considering. We are also reviewing the work of the rider with the engine. “

 Note that previously there were negotiations about the rules of the race, and Liberty Media wanted to make the engines easier and cheaper, which aroused the interest of manufacturers such as Volkswagen and Aston Martin. However, no one expressed the serious intention of joining the championship.