Extreme bought an armored truck to chase a tornado

Extreme bought an armored truck to chase a tornado

January 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

American Ryan Sheppard bought an unusual car, which was used in the filming of the movie Tornado Alley.

This armored truck is able to survive gusts of wind up to 108 km / h. Now the new owner wants to check his acquisition in business and as close as possible on it to the vortex of a tornado.

Sheppard recalls that he first met with the machine on the set of the same film, where he worked as an assistant producer. He was able to agree on the sale of the truck despite the fact that it was still going to be used in further filming in Hollywood. According to Sheppard, he will offer other extremals chasing a tornado.

The vehicle body is covered with eight layers of two-inch metal, bulletproof glass is inserted into it, and there are 10 special tires for the wheels. The truck can travel more than 490 km with a full tank. In speed it is not inferior to a real tornado – the maximum is 108 km / h.