External airbag from ZF tested in crash test

External airbag from ZF tested in crash test

June 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Modern automotive technologies are not standing still, and now external airbags have emerged on their first road tests. The revolutionary development belongs to the largest manufacturer and supplier of auto parts company ZF.

External side airbag, which is revealed at the time of the collision – that was what the specialists of the German company ZF worked on. Recently, such a system of external protection was first tested in “field conditions”. For this innovative “airbag” equipped wagon Opel Insignia. According to the test scenario, such an Opel had to collide with a robot car for crash tests. Such an external airbag is placed in the threshold of the car. At the same time, bumpers and rear-view mirrors are equipped with special sensors to help determine the right moment for its operation.

By the way, the system takes the right decision at lightning speed – in just 150 milliseconds! About as much time a person spends on blinking.

The volume of such a pillow varies from 280 to 400 liters and depends on the size of a particular car. This is five to eight times the size of a regular driver’s airbag. Such an external cushion not only protects the car body upon impact, but also reduces the severity of passenger injuries – by 40 percent. The manufacturer will continue to test its development. On the timing of the first serial exterior cushion from ZF information yet.