Explained why Tesla’s autopilot never becomes fully autonomous

Explained why Tesla’s autopilot never becomes fully autonomous

January 24, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Waymo CEO John Krafchik shares his point of view. Tesla and Waymo, the unmanned arm of Google, are actively working on unmanned technology. Moreover, the latter hid his developments for a long time.

According to John Krafchik, Tesla with its autopilot represents the wrong approach to a fully autonomous vehicle. The boss Waymo told Manager Magazin about this. It takes a long time to improve the driver assistance system, but it never really becomes an independent autopilot.

Tesla customers believe the brand’s technology is completely autonomous. Krafchik calls this a delusion: a person driving should be ready to take control at any time.

At the same time, Elon Musk recently spoke about his confidence that Tesla will be able to provide the buyers of its electric cars with fully autonomous technology in the form of a subscription service. We are talking about Full Self-Driving, whose beta version is being tested by selected customers of the brand.

Krafchik doesn’t see Tesla as a serious contender in the field of autonomous vehicles.

He stressed that the company “is developing a really good driver assistance system.” No more.

In general, in the race for the full autonomy of cars, it is Waymo that is taking the lead. She owns a fleet of drones used as autonomous taxis. Unlike Tesla, Waymo immediately began working on full autonomy instead of first developing a system that, in any case, sooner or later will require driver intervention.

Meanwhile, Ford has decided to suspend shipments of Mustang-E electric crossovers. According to preliminary data, this happened due to defects in a new batch of cars. True, the information was not officially confirmed.