Experts told which cars Americans prefer to drive

Experts told which cars Americans prefer to drive

April 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At the end of last month, it turned out that US motorists more willingly purchased cars from domestic manufacturers. The second most popular steel brand from Japan.

The specialists of AUTOSTAT listed automobile brands, which in March were the most popular among Americans. In compiling the rating, analysts were guided by data collected by experts of the Automotive News Data Center. In general, during the reporting month, about 1,705,715 cars and SUVs were sold in the US auto market. This figure was 3.1% lower than the result of 2018. If we talk about sales in the first three months of 2019, then there is also a decline – 3,989,468 cars or a minus of 3.2%.

The most salable car brand in America in March was the local company General Motors. In the home market, this brand sold 271,777 cars (the decline in demand exceeded eight percent).

The second place goes to another automaker from the United States – the Ford brand. Products of this brand sold in the amount of 230 382 copies (-5.2%). The third place winner also went into the “minus”: on account of the Japanese company Toyota 214 947 buyers (-3.5%). The fourth most popular among Americans, despite a more than seven percent decline in sales, were Fiat Chrysler Group’s cars – 201,232 transactions. The March TOP-5 of the most popular car brands in the USA is supplemented by Honda, with 148,509 cars sold on its account (a sales growth of 4.3%).