Experts told what the Italians ride

Experts told what the Italians ride

October 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Last month, the Italian car market finally returned to growth. Local experts attribute such positive dynamics to last year’s low base.

In September, Italian residents purchased 142,136 cars, which indicates an increase in demand by 13.4%. Recall that at the end of August, the Italian car market was not able to reach the “plus”, however, already next month the situation changed for the better. The Italian Association of Automobile Manufacturers (aka ANFIA), the increase in demand for cars explain, in particular, the low base of 2018, caused by the emergence of new rules for certification of WLTP cars in the EU.

But from January to September, this regional market shows a negative trend – 1,467,668 cars sold, or 1.6% minus.

 As for the car preferences of Italians, then here comes the first local Fiat. in September, the products of this brand sold 19,393 copies (+ 3.4%). The second most popular in Italy is the German Volkswagen, whose sales in September “jumped” by more than 40 percent, but this was not enough to win the lead from Fiat. The result of VW is 14,075 buyers.

 The American company Ford closes the TOP-3 of the most popular automobile brands in Italy, whose sales immediately fell by 39.1% to 9,511 units. The fourth is the German Opel (8,552 cars), and the fifth – the French Peugeot (7,931 deals). The German brand improved its position much more noticeably than the French brand – an increase of 20.9% against 0.6%.