Experts identified the top-5 most economical cars

Experts identified the top-5 most economical cars

July 23, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Experts have identified the top-5 most economical cars Experts have presented the top-5 most economical cars Automotive market analysts have set themselves the task of identifying vehicles that consume the least amount of fuel. As a result of their efforts, TOP-5 most economical models appeared. When compiling the rating, only technical characteristics, and price lists for machines, were taken into account.

The leader of the published rating was a representative of the Japanese automotive industry Toyota Yaris iA. This copy spends very little gasoline, in addition, it can be purchased at an affordable price. Versions of Yaris iA manufacturer gave a platform from the car Mazda 2. It costs such a car about sixteen thousand dollars. This car boasts its “stuffing”, which includes an entertainment system and a screen of seven inches.

The second line is occupied by the model Hyundai Elentra Eco, which is also famous for its economy. You can buy this car for about twenty thousand dollars. From the equipment there is a heated seat, the system responsible for changing the lane.

Here is a powerful unit: acceleration with the engine 1.4 is 128 horsepower. The car spends a gallon of fuel for 32-40 miles (4.55 liters per 50-64 kilometers).

The top three closes the New Fit. The approximate price for this model is about 16, 5 thousand dollars. The car is equipped with a polygonal rear-view camera, bluetooth and six-speed gearbox. Auto received a four-cylinder unit with a volume of one and a half liters.

In the fourth position is Toyotah Camry with a 2.5-liter engine. This is a car with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The cost of this popular model of the Japanese brand is 26 thousand dollars.

On the honorable fifth place is located Mitsubishi Mirage. Car enthusiasts can buy it for an amount of fifteen thousand dollars. Fuel consumption occurs after 43 miles, the car is equipped with a three-liter engine of 78 horsepower.