Experts have identified the most expensive car brands in 2019

Experts have identified the most expensive car brands in 2019

October 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The British consulting agency Interbrand has published the annual rating of “100 most expensive brands in the world.” Toyota and Mercedes have retained the leading position in this list among car manufacturers.

This year, 14 automobile companies were included in the list of the most expensive brands in the world, compiled by specialists from the consulting agency Interbrand every year. Ferrari recognized the fastest growing experts, she managed to improve her position immediately by 12 points, but the Korean company KIA showed a 7 percent drop.

The title of the most expensive car brand this time again went to the Japanese Toyota, which was estimated at 56.246 billion dollars. This is five percent more than last year. In the overall ranking of companies, this is only the seventh line. The second and third places are shared by German brands Mercedes-Benz and BMW. They can boast of “assets” of 50.832 and 41.440 billion dollars, respectively. At the same time, both of them demonstrate growth. In the team ranking, they belong to 8th and 11th places.

The fourth is the Honda brand – $ 24.422 billion (21st place), and the American company Ford closes the TOP-5 – $ 14.325 billion (35th place).

 If we talk about the main rating, then Apple is winning the palm with an estimated value of 234.241 billion dollars. Google and Amazon follow – 161.713 billion and 125.263 billion dollars.