Experts figured out how to find the best parking spot

Experts figured out how to find the best parking spot

September 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In a short video published by the Santa Fe Institute, it demonstrates how mathematically, scientists Paul Krapivsky and Sidney Redner calculated the optimal parking space for a car.

We all know that finding a good parking spot in a crowded parking lot in a supermarket or mall can be very difficult. Everyone has their own little secret how to find the perfect place. In most cases, it depends on luck and time; sometimes you can wait a few minutes, sometimes a few seconds. But what if we tell you that scientists were able to calculate everything for us to figure out the most effective way to find a place?

In a video shown by the Santa Fe Institute, Paul Krapivsky and Sidney Redner published a research article on parking strategies. The idea was to come up with a better way to park. Obviously, everyone wants the perfect parking space as close to the entrance as possible, and to allow as little time as possible in the parking lot. Then they identified three different types of valet parking, each with its own common strategy for resolving this classic problem.

“Mild” drivers are those who would prefer to take the first empty place they see, regardless of how much they need to go to get out of the parking lot; they just want to deal with parking as quickly as possible. “Prudent” drivers always try to find a place closer to the entrance to a shopping center or store. Finally, “optimistic” drivers simply gamble and try to find the closest parking place to the entrance.