Experts conducted aerodynamic tests of Tesla Cybertruck

Experts conducted aerodynamic tests of Tesla Cybertruck

November 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The presentation of the Tesla electric pickup truck caused a new wave of discussions on the network and among experts. Unusual design from films about the future of the end of the last century, new technologies, unusual materials and amazing technical characteristics make the model stand out from the crowd.

At the presentation of the long-awaited Tesla pickup truck, we were surprised by the design. The experts had a lot of questions about the aerodynamic characteristics, with the stated acceleration speed to the first 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds. Therefore, Engineer Justin Martin, a long time working in the aerospace industry, conducted his own tests of the Cybertruck in a wind tunnel.

 True tests were virtual, but using professional software. Using all the available photos and videos with the new model, the engineer made an approximate 3D model of the pickup. Martin himself noted that the model is very approximate, and he could be mistaken in the proportions, design of the wings and wheels, which could affect the test. Therefore, the result in the form of aerodynamic drag coefficient is not given.

 About 24 hours of real time were spent on work. The engineer had suspicions that the sharp edges would create unnecessary twists, which could negatively affect the dynamic characteristics. But judging by the images, the aerodynamic pattern does not differ from ordinary pickups, and the lid above the cargo body further contributes to the smooth movement of air.

It is worth noting that the price tag for the basic version of Tesla Cybertruck starts from $ 39,900 before tax subsidies in the United States. Orders are already being taken and 146,000 pre-orders have already been collected in the first days.

In the meantime, Tesla wants to make its multimedia even more entertaining. Tesla’s unique infotainment system already ranks first in the market in terms of functionality and variety.