Experts are not impressed with the results of the crash tests of the new Ford Explorer and Jeep Grand Cherokee

Experts are not impressed with the results of the crash tests of the new Ford Explorer and Jeep Grand Cherokee

June 13, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Technologies do not stand still, especially in the automotive segment. With each new generation, cars become more powerful and safer. However, from some models you expect more. Tests of the Ford Explorer and Jeep Grand Cherokee were not pleased with the results.

As experts of the AutoTimesNews noted, modern car manufacturers try not to make the car safer, but only to earn the highest score on safety tests. Therefore, it is not surprising that new standards and tests themselves are a shock to automakers and testers.

This time, with the introduction of a new test IIHS (Insurance Institute for Road Safety), a crash test with imitation of a frontal impact with a small overlap on the passenger side did not pass many cars. The main disappointment was the popular models Ford Explorer and Jeep Grand Cherokee. Moreover, these models perfectly cope with a similar test on the part of the driver. This indicates that the companies have strengthened their cars solely from the driver’s side, and solely for testing.

In the new test, they deserved a minimum score – “deuce” (the result of “Poor”). As a result of a collision on the Ford Explorer from the passenger side, the body designs entered the interior as much as 38 cm on the lower level. That is, it immediately leads to serious injuries to the legs.

Jeep Grand Cherokee disappointed even more. In this model, the passenger is not protected in any way, and even the airbag does not save. As the mannequin showed, the head, when struck, punches the pillow and pulls it to the front panel, after which it pops up outside the salons (the door at the collision is completely opened). That is, the passenger will not only get leg injuries, but also head injuries.

It is also worth noting that this approach is not observed in all models. For example, the restyled version of KIA Sorento passed the test for excellent, and received the highest rating – Top Safety Pick + (Best choice for safety plus). Volkswagen Teramont (Atlas) passed no less well tests, having earned a mark of 5 (“Good”).