Expensive, but without the full drive: the “twin” Opel Insignia will be the fourth model Avenir

Expensive, but without the full drive: the “twin” Opel Insignia will be the fourth model Avenir

July 27, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Subbrand Avenir was created in 2016, with this prefix selling the most expensive Buick. The first model, which acquired a luxury version, was the GL8 minivan, it is only available in China. Later debuted the top sedan LaCrosse Avenir and crossover Enclave Avenir – these models are sold in the States. And soon the Americans will also be offered a luxury elevator Regal. Recall, Buick Regal – this is the “twin” Opel Insignia the latest generation, and in the US market you can buy not only a lift, but a station wagon. Although the “shed” option Avenir did not get.

The luxurious Regal has not been officially announced yet, there are no teasers, no photos. However, all the details are already known – the data appeared on a special site GM, intended for American dealers. So, in the arsenal of luxury liftback are: 19-inch wheels, adaptive LED lights, leather interior, dual-zone climate control, air ionizer, Bose audio system, wireless charging for the smartphone, multimedia complex, automatic braking systems, warnings about leaving the occupied band and monitoring of “blind” zones, adaptive cruise control. Some of the equipment listed for other versions of the model is available for a surcharge, whereas Regal Avenir is included in the base version. In addition, the top five-door will differ externally – it will have another radiator grille.

In the States, Regal is offered with a petrol turbo four 2.0 with a capacity of 250 hp. Interestingly, the elevator with the Avenir prefix will only have a front-wheel drive, although for other versions of the model all-wheel drive is provided. The front-drive Buick Regal is equipped with a nine-speed automatic transmission, all-wheel drive vehicles have 8ACP. Also in the US, they sell the hot liftback Buick Regal GS – under the hood of this five-door liftback petrol engine is installed V6 3.0 with a yield of 310 hp, it is combined with 9KPP, drive – full.

It is expected that Regal Avenir will enter the US market in the near future, the price is not announced. Most likely, the novelty will be a little cheaper than the “charged” Regal GS. Sport version is the most expensive in the model line, it costs from 39,070 dollars. Standard liftback will cost at least $ 24,990, the station wagon costs $ 29,070. All prices are excluding taxes and shipping. By the way, the “shed” in the US is presented only with a four-wheel drive.