Expedition SUV made from old Lexus LX470

Expedition SUV made from old Lexus LX470

July 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A unique lot has appeared on the Bring a Trailer web portal: we are talking about a 15-year-old Lexus LX470, turned into an expedition vehicle.

Moreover, Toyota employees participated in the development of such a car, and the total budget reached 64 thousand dollars.

The previous owner of the car bought it in 2019 and started modernizing it almost immediately. The LX470’s suspension has been raised 6.35cm, equipped with RadFlo shocks and 17-inch discs. In addition, you can pay attention to the tent and solar panels on the roof. There is also a hot water supply system and additional storage.

Expeditionary SUV is equipped with a 238-horsepower V8 engine with a volume of 4.7 liters, together with a 5-band automatic transmission. The only change is the replacement of the downshift links, due to which the gear ratio changed from 2.488: 1 to 3.12: 1.

The current rate for the LX470 expedition model, which has a range of approximately 200,000 km, is $ 35,000, which is approximately half the price of the project. In this case, a change in value is possible, since there are still 4 days before the close of trading.