Exclusive track Ferrari sold in Japan

Exclusive track Ferrari sold in Japan

April 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In June, the auction house BH Auction was going to sell at the auction Ferrari 348 of the early 1990s, which was prepared for the track. However, the car was bought long before the auction began.

  The car rolled off the assembly line in 1992 as a simple 348 coupe – the most popular and affordable model of the period. However, the Japanese owner sent the car for modernization for club racing in the studio Iding Power, specializing in cars of the Italian brand.

Sports car got a set of track improvements. The kit consists of a bolted safety cage, racing suspension, OMP steering wheel, carbon-plastic racing seats with 6-point Sabelt belts, and much more.

 The use of certain elements from the Ferrari 348 GT / C LM, which is a very rare racing car that was built in the amount of two units, increases the value of the car. The track model has acquired the same ones as its pedal assembly, gear shift mechanism, carbon-fiber doors, front spoiler, fixed fixed headlights and a Kevlar rear diffuser.

  Other innovations include a rear wing, round taillights, and Neez magnesium wheels. The power unit was improved by the tuning company Tomei. The working volume of the V8 engine was increased from 3.4 to 3.7 liters. As a result, the installation productivity increased from 300 to 400 hp.

 Bidding on this car was scheduled for June, while it was purchased much earlier. The cost for which the model was sold is not reported. Only the approximate price is called Рfrom 12 to 14 million yen (110,000 Р130,000 dollars).