Exclusive Ferrari can wait 5 years

Exclusive Ferrari can wait 5 years

July 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company expects to make more special models for VIP customers.

The statement about the release of such machines was due to the growth in demand for exclusive models created for individual orders of quite non-poor customers. According to the deputy head of commerce, E. Gallier, the waiting list for such models is the longest.

According to the vice-president, wealthy clients, ordering a supercar, not only get a unique technique, but also gain experience with the designer. Become an exclusive customer can only people from the top list of the company, which means 250 people.

For the year the company produces a maximum of 3 such Ferrari. That is why the waiting list is 5 years. Last year, the GTB 488 was used as the “base” of the exclusive. As a result, the SP38 was created – a supercar in which the notes of the F40 design are guessed. The latest project of the company was the P80C – auto track option. It was made for 3 years: the customer required the study of not only the exterior, but also the engine components, design. Coupe made, taking as a basis 488 GT3, developing 650 liters. with., while the body was actually created from scratch: it differed elements of the cult prototypes of the Italian sports cars of the past. For the manufacture of exterior panels used carbon fiber, which in some places did not even painted. This ensures the best heat dissipation from the power unit.