Ex-Tesla employees will develop Rivian charging network

Ex-Tesla employees will develop Rivian charging network

June 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The American startup will create a network of charging stations.

The manufacturer of off-road electric cars Rivian has begun to develop its own network of charging stations, and former Tesla engineers will lead its creation.

The relevant infrastructure is important for the success of electric vehicles in the car market – for example, the number and ease of location of charging stations. Some companies are willing to invest heavily in infrastructure – Tesla, in particular, is developing a network of branded Supercharger charging stations, and now ex-Tesla employees will begin to develop a Rivian charging network called Adventure Network. According to Electrek, in March Carrington Bradley, project manager for building a network of Supercharger charging stations, became an employee of Rivian startup, having worked for Tesla for seven years.

In addition, Sarah Esslinger, who has been directing electric vehicles at Lyft, has recently been appointed Senior Rivian Infrastructure Manager, and has been involved in charging stations in Tesla for more than six years. Finally, Tesla’s ex-manager, Keith Ahuja, has also been appointed director of the Rivian Adventure Network. Rivian models can be charged at stations with a CCS cable. Unlike Supercharger chargers, Rivian charging stations will be built far from major cities and highways – in the first place, a startup hopes that it will be able to equip national parks with chargers.