Ex-head of Renault-Nissan called the reasons for the escape from Japan

Ex-head of Renault-Nissan called the reasons for the escape from Japan

January 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The most important thing that Carlos Ghosn told at a press conference in Lebanon

In Beirut, a press conference was held by former Renault-Nissan top manager Carlos Ghosn, who at the end of December escaped from house arrest in Japan and flew to Lebanon. “Motor” has collected the most significant statements of the ex-head of the automobile concern, who is accused of financial fraud.

Ghosn began his speech by saying that he would not disclose the circumstances of his escape. “I’m not here to explain how I managed to fly out of Tokyo,” CNN’s top manager quotes. “I gathered you to voice the reasons why this happened.” I have to whitewash my name. ”

Ghosn continues to deny his guilt. He associates his arrest and prosecution with “revenge on a handful of unscrupulous people at Nissan” and accuses the Japanese judicial system of violating his rights. According to the former head of Renault-Nissan, the last 14 months have been a “nightmare for him”.

“I did not run away from justice, I ran away from injustice and political persecution. I simply had no other choice, because I was held hostage to an inhuman and anachronistic legal system, indifferent to truth and justice. My civil liberties and rights were violated. ”

Before Ghosn was released on bail, he spent 130 days in a Japanese prison. He described the following about this period of his life: he was allowed to stay outside the cell only 30 minutes a day, take a shower twice a week, limited access to medicines, was interrogated for eight hours and was not allowed to see lawyers.

According to representatives of Ghosn, the trial was far from complete and could last for five years. “It is easy to conclude that either you will find a way to get out or you will die in Japan,” Ghosn concluded.

Now, according to a former top manager, he had the opportunity to achieve justice. Ghosn intends to prove that all the charges against him, including the use of company assets for personal purposes and the underestimation of his premium in the report for the stock exchange, are erroneous.

Carlos Ghosn fled from Japan in late December. On a private plane, he flew to Lebanon with a transfer in Turkey. It is still unclear how he was able to leave the country – under the terms of the pledge, all of his passports were held by lawyers. According to one version, Ghosn used someone else’s name and documents, according to another – a 65-year-old man was “carried” on board in a case from a musical instrument.