Ex-designer Bugatti came up with a boat in the style of a rare pre-war coupe

Ex-designer Bugatti came up with a boat in the style of a rare pre-war coupe

October 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Etienne Salome founded his own company, Salomé Yachts, which specializes in providing design consulting services and designs yachts. The sports carter in the style of the legendary Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic became the debut project for the designer and his new team.

Former head of the Bugatti Exterior Design Department Etienne Salome now comes up with yachts. His latest automotive project was the La Voiture Noire piece hypercar, built by order of some wealthy Bugatti fan. Salome’s first job in a new role was the stylish Salomé Atlantic sports boat with a streamlined hull. In profile, such a yacht resembles a sports car. Working on this project, the designer sought inspiration from the Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic.

Such a boat boasts impressive dynamics and excellent handling thanks to advanced developments in the field of aerodynamics of Formula 1 cars. For the efficiency of the vessel are two 880-horsepower engines from Volvo. With such a “filling” the boat can develop 55-60 knots or 102-111 km / h.

It is known that the Italian shipyard will be engaged in the assembly of Salomé Atlantic. All work will be done manually. In total, they plan to release 12 such boats. The first of them will appear only next year. Such a boat will cost a substantial amount of 1.6 million euros, excluding taxes. For this price, the buyer will also receive two unique boats.