Every third car sold in Norway for 2018 – electric car

Every third car sold in Norway for 2018 – electric car

January 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Norway, oddly enough, is the most electrified country in the automotive segment. According to the latest data, in 2018 a third of all new cars sold were electrically charged.

From official sources it became known that the share of new cars in 2018 in Norway was an incredible 31.2%. The Scandinavian country is still in first place for electrification. And in 2013, this share was only 5.5%. But the picture becomes more interesting if plug hybrids are included in this rating. Then the electrified segment will make up almost half (49.1%) of the new car market.

In 2018, sales of electric cars in Norway increased by 40% and amounted to 46,092 units. Diesel cars, on the contrary, are losing popularity – their sales fell by 28% compared to 2017. Sales of gasoline cars also fell by 17%. The second-generation Nissan Leaf was the best-selling electric car. Tesla ranks second and sold 8,623 cars.


In general, the local market for new cars declined by 6.8%. Apparently, people are waiting for the further development of the situation and have not yet decided to buy electric cars, but they are not in a hurry to spend money on cars with ICE. A total of 147,929 cars were sold.

Analysts are confident that the active delivery of Tesla Model 3 will be able to raise the electrified segment of the Norwegian market even more.