European power engineers want to make free recharging for electric cars

European power engineers want to make free recharging for electric cars

January 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Energy companies E.ON and EDF are working with Nissan on technology that allows electricity to be returned from the battery back to the network. It is reported by the foreign edition Reuters.

Nissan promotes the idea, the essence of which is to return the excess energy back to the network, if you are not charging the car at the peak moment and are ready to share it when it is under load. In this case, the car owner can use electricity for free.

The vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology, developed by E.ON with the support of Nissan, also includes special software. This software will collect charging data for a German company so that it can predict the peaks and drops in electricity demand. French specialists from the company EDF, in turn, work with Nuvve (specialize in V2G) on a network of charging stations V2G. This alliance is developing Europe’s first commercial network for Nissan and Mitsubishi machines.

The idea of ​​using a battery to return energy back to the grid is not new, but it exists only in the pilot stage, as there are still few electric cars on the roads. But this is not the only obstacle to the development of technology. The problem is that it only works well with the standard charger CHAdeMO, created in Japan.

In addition, the battery is the most expensive component of an electric vehicle, and constant charge / discharge reduces its service life. Experts believe that the further fate of innovation will depend on consumer demand.