European Commission: Automakers caught on fraud

European Commission: Automakers caught on fraud

July 25, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The European Commission’s research center has caught several companies in manipulating the results of emission tests. Those deliberately overestimated the base level, which will be approved in 2020. Some cars were tested with discharged batteries, so that part of the engine’s energy was spent on charging them. In addition, in most cars, the start / stop system was deactivated, which automatically silences the engine at stops.

The European Climate Commissioner Miguel Arias CaƱete says that the EC does not like this state of affairs and they will do everything possible to achieve real indicators from producers. Who exactly cheated on the tests is not said, but it is noted that many did. Recall that the EC in November 2017 proposed mandatory reduction of emissions by 15% in the period from 2020 to 2025. And until 2030, and at all by 30%.

The average indicator for the results of tests of automakers was 4.5% higher than the results of the independent examination of the research center. Meanwhile, the Association of German Automotive Industry has noted an increasing number of buyers who prefer more environmentally friendly cars.

Since September of this year, the European Union will introduce new standards for checking fuel consumption and emissions of exhaust gases. In the laboratory, I will reproduce different road situations and speed regimes taking into account the weight of the car and the complete sets. This will allow to achieve more real results, eliminating the shortcomings that in the past led to the “diesel scandal”.