Europe plans to switch to synthetic fuel

Europe plans to switch to synthetic fuel

June 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

This was stated by FuelEurope, which includes 40 European companies.

FuelEurope, which includes almost 100% of all European oil refineries, has announced plans to reduce its emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere by 100 million tons by 2035. According to the organization, synthetic fuel is more suitable for industries such as aviation, maritime transport and heavy vehicles, but it’s easiest to become passenger cars here.

Synthetic fuels, or low-carbon fuels, are liquid non-petroleum fuels. In the process of production and use of such a substance, carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere are either not observed at all, or are observed in small quantities.

Some manufacturers are already using a new type of fuel. If Mazda has just started developing a synthetic fuel vehicle, then McLaren is almost ready to show the advantages of a new type of fuel over electric vehicles. At the same time, FuelEurope’s plan is not to displace electric vehicles from the European market, but to make the world cleaner. In this case, synthetic fuel is assigned to the segment of air and sea transportation.

However, the FuelEurope plan does not impose a tax on the use of fuel in general, but on emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. According to the organization, the implementation of their project in the next ten years will require investments in the amount of about 30 – 40 billion euros, and in the long term in the period until 2050 – generally 400 – 650 billion euros.