EuroNCAP will change car safety assessment methodology

EuroNCAP will change car safety assessment methodology

April 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

When buying a used car, many consumers pay attention to mileage.

In this regard, analysts conducted research and found out which mileage on a used car is considered the most ideal.

Thus, as part of the tests, it became clear that models from 30 to 50 thousand kilometers are more in demand. In purchasing a car, the rule works, the fresher the car, the better. That’s just on the “secondary” to find such models is difficult.

Naturally, ideally, buy cars with mileage up to 50 thousand kilometers. However, there is one nuance that lies in the fact that starting with 60 thousand kilometers, there are many different works associated with the replacement of consumables.

The execution price of these works is palpable. So in summary, we can say that it is best to purchase a vehicle in the secondary car market, the mileage of which is no more than 30 thousand kilometers.