Euro NCAP tested 12 car innovations for safety right away

Euro NCAP tested 12 car innovations for safety right away

December 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This, for example, the updated Audi Q7, the electric car Porsche Taycan and Skoda Octavia fourth generation.

Euro NCAP, an independent European organization, announced the results of crash tests of 12 car innovations, some of which will reach our country. Looking ahead, we note that many of them received a maximum rating of five stars. In excellent students, for example, recorded Audi Q7. For the safety of the driver and adult passengers, the German crossover received 92%, children – 86%, pedestrians – 71%. And electronics and auxiliary systems “earned” 72%. Tests showed the risk of chest injury in the front passenger and driver with a frontal accident.

In general, all security systems received a positive assessment. “Satisfactory” set only retention functions in the lane and speed control system.

The maximum five stars received and the crossover Subaru Forester. The safety of adults, children and other participants in the movement is slightly higher here – 97, 91 and 80%. Electronic “helpers” earned 78%. Experts also identified a high risk of passenger chest injuries in a head-on collision. When checking auxiliary systems, only the speed control system caused complaints from specialists. But pedestrians, as it turned out, should be wary of the side racks of cars.

The maximum rating for the Porsche Taycan electric car. For protection of the driver and passengers he was given 85%, children – 83%, pedestrians -70%, and for electronics – 73%. The Tesla Model X electric car, which is also listed as an “excellent student,” also has good results. The only thing noted by experts is the risk of a passenger’s chest injury in a head-on collision with deformable obstacles and the same driver’s injury in a head-on collision across the entire width.

The applicant for the title “European Car of the Year” – Renault Captur – also received five stars. The safety of adults was rated at 96%, children at 83%, and pedestrians at 74%. Security systems earned 75%. Peugeot 2008, which also received five stars, has similar results. True, such a high rating was given to the mini crossover with an additional security package. According to the test results, the “Five” also received the new Skoda Octavia.

High ratings put Ford Kuga and Mondeo. But Volkswagen Sharan and Seat Alhambra received only four stars out of five. “Troechnik” this time alone – this is the Jeep Renegade SUV. Experts downgraded the risk of passenger and driver chest injuries in frontal and side impacts. But when hitting a rear passenger can damage the neck.

We already wrote in detail about the results of Euro NCAP crash tests of the new Skoda Octavia. Experts called this model the best for child safety.