EU demands to equip all new cars with a “rescue” safety kit

EU demands to equip all new cars with a “rescue” safety kit

February 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Many high-tech safety features will need to be installed on all new cars sold in the European Union if members of the European Parliament vote for the introduction of new rules.

In accordance with the new plans, any car sold in the European Union must have an intelligent “speed assistant” who will notify the driver when his vehicle moves faster than the current speed limit. Also, cars will be equipped with a system of assistance in maintaining the occupied lane.

Will become a must-warning system for driver drowsiness, as well as hardware blocking cars, if the driver is drunk.

 The new laws also mean that all cars will have to be equipped with autonomous emergency braking systems (AEB), which can detect the possibility of a frontal collision with other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, and then automatically apply the brakes to prevent or mitigate the accident.

The new law, which may be introduced in Europe in the next three years, will also make changes to the safety features of commercial vehicles with a new standard of “direct vision”, which reduces the size of the “blind” areas of trucks. At the same time, vans and trucks must be equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems. Although previously it was only necessary for passenger cars, systems warning the driver about a flat tire will become mandatory for all vehicles.